Boat rental & charter

Want to rent a boat

If you are request is simple, check our packages, you can manage the booking totally online. If our packages don't match your needs, send us an inquiry using the contact form ( by email: Boat rental is per hour. MS Neptun costs EUR 250 (HUF 80 000) / hour. This cost does not include drinks, etc. and is meaning departure/arrival from our main port. You can't bring your food or drink on board. There are bars on board and we c...

How many persons can I bring?

If you rent our boats for us doesn't matter how many persons are on boat till match is capacity. MS FANNY is max. 150 pax (with crew) MS KLARA 40 pax (with crew). Consider that it is maximum capacity and doesn't mean that would be comfortable if is full. That's depend of event type. You can be alone on a rented boat, or only you and your partner, or any as you want. That's not change the price.

Where is port of departure

Our main departure Port is Szent Istvan PARK, Dock 42 ( that is easy to find with online maps. You have no port fees to pay here. By renting a boat vou can have any other departure / arrival port but there are costs. Port fees are from 25 EUR / occasion up to 200 EUR. Depend of which boat and port. May we apply fees also to rental fee for the boat's empty running.

What is the speed of a boat

Not too much. Normally we are calculating 8-10 km/h upstream and 16-20 km/h downstream. One hour is enough for a short Budapest trip, two is more comfortable. To Szentendre is 2 hours and back is 1 hour. To Visegrad is 4 hours and back is 2 hours.

Cancel a rented or charter boat

Cancellation of the ordered rent-a-boat service - within 7 days from the departure time 100 % of the rental fee; - between 7 and 14 days from the departure time, 50 % of the rental fee; - between 14 days and 30 days from the departure time, 30 % of the rental fee; - between 30 days and 60 days from the departure time, 10 % of the rental fee; - more than 60 days from the departure time, then there is no cancellation fee.