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Where is the port?

On our sightseeing boat cruises the port of departure (and arrival is the same) at Szent Istvan park pier, Dock 42, here:

The port, Dock 42 can be found with various applications: 

- Dock 42 Google Map-en

- Dock 42 Apple Maps-en

- Dock 42 OpenStreetmap-en

- Dock 42 FourSquare-en

also likely available on your phone’s map provider, check for ‘Portum Lines’. See the detailed access information also on your ticket. When you don't have data connection or don't want to spend on such, then we recommend you to use offline map application like Maps.Me.

Public transport services in the vicinity are trolleybus lines 75 & 79, bus lines 115 & 15 and the metro line M3, tram line 2, 4-6 and BuBi docking station at Szent Istvan park. Please note that Szt. Istvan park is fenced, no pass through is possible.

Natuarally the port is acessible by car - there is a parking area in front on the pier - or taxi.

The port of departure and arrival is the same on regular sightseeing boat trips.