It is storm or rain now!

There are not enough bad weather in Hungary do not sailing the Danube. Our boats are operating in any weather conditions, including snow, rain, storm. There are few exceptions but be sure that we are making announcement on any platforms to let you know if your cruise is cancelled: SMS, email, public announcement on Facebook, Website, etc. Please be noted that bad weather is not a circumstance to your free ticket change. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

Is it heated?

Yes, there are on our boats and we are using it when is necessary (of course only in the halls). Don't forget about our blankets and winter time our really good mulled wine :)

What happens in rain, cold or bad weather?

In light rain our passengers may enjoy the view on the upper deck, the cover is protecting relatively well from the moisture. The lower deck provides you all comfort in any weather conditions and it is really nice in heavier storm, colder weather, etc. Rain or bad weather is not a special circumstance that allow you to change your ticket. Our policy is simple: no-show no-refund.

What happens on a fair, sunny day or on a hot day?

The Danube tends to warm up not more than 25 defrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), so cruising on a boat is a refreshing activity on a hot sunny day. The boat has two decks. Passengers on the upper deck are protected by a sun shading cover. If you already had too much of the sunshine, then you go down to the lower deck at any time and enjoy cruising in an air-conditioned environment.

At what wheather does the boat operate?

We have received this question every now and then due to the thunderstorms of 2014 summer. The reply is easy: we are up and running at almost every wheather. We operate in the cold weather, the warm weather, rain and on a fair, sunny day. The only exeception is the fog, where although we could ride with the radar on, but that would only be interesting for survival camp candidates. We do all possible efforts to keep the boat trips advertised on schedule. Notwithstanding the aforementioned exte...