B2B offers

What kind of B2B offers do you have?

For B2B partners basically we offer two kind of partnership: 1. Boat rentals for groups with special prices and conditions. Our B2B boat rental offers are only for tour agencies, guides who are renting many times from our company. As no one like to contract for long term we are apply our regular fees for each trip and you will have free rentals based on our deal. 2. Possibility of reselling our tickets (commission based). If you are agent, working in hotel reception our tour agency you have th...

I'm a guide and want to bring groups to your boat

You are so welcome. You have three possibilities: - Just rent our boats as anyone. If you can't guarantee a minimum number a groups per year we can't make a special deal. - Make a B2B agreement with us in case if you have many groups. You'll have to pay the same price as everyone but depending on hour agreement you'll have every X hour for free. Is a good deal, no one risk with this. - Buy tickets to our regular evening boat trips. Many guides changed in past months to this way because gettin...

I'm working in a hotel can I sell your tickets?

If you are working in a hotel/hostel/tour agency you are welcome to sell / resell our tickets. You will have a special access to our booking system and you'll can book very easily to your customers. You can print yourself for them the tickets, etc. You we'll can choose to pay with deduction of your commission online or you can collect the cash and let's have counting monthly. We are giving a very good commission rate for you.

What is your best deal?

The best deal is when the partners who made it are happy. We are not accept deals which are not on our standards.